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Chengdu: Home of the Pandas!

chengdu home of the pandas

A transport hub for China, there isn’t too much to see or do in Chengdu to be honest! My time here was short and just involved a trip to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. The enclosures here are large and well maintained and are home to nearly 120 giant and 76 red pandas. If you want to see newborns, head over in the autumn or winter. No teenie babies for us sadly, but there were a couple of toddler pandas that kept getting stuck up/ falling off trees! Pretty hilarious…

The pandas are most active in the morning, which is when we head over. Feeding takes place around 9.30am, although you’ll see them eating in the late afternoon too. They spend most of their afternoons sleeping and will tend to spend a lot of time indoors during the peak summer months, so that may not be the best time to visit!

chengdu home of the pandas

chengdu home of the pandas

There are a few things to do in Chengdu – Jinsha Museum or Wenshu Temple for example. You can also take a trip to Leshan to see the Giant Buddha or Mount E’mei, one of four famous Chinese mountains, but I’ll talk more about them in their own sections! The food (Chuan cuisine) is supposed to be pretty awesome too. I can’t remember too much about the food we had specifically in Chengdu but ‘proper’ Chinese food is always good! Chuan cuisine is famous for dry-braising and dry-stewing and using spicy flavours. See below for an awesome ‘hot pot’ meal we had – the metal containers are filled with chilli oil which you fry your food in. You can then dip your newly-fried meatball or vegetable in to one of a number of fragrant dips and sauces (peanut oil, coriander, garlic, vinegar, oyster sauce) … Delicious!chendgu home of the pandasAfter we had lunch, we walked for an hour or so through the town to an intricate shopping square/ market famous for its traditional architecture. We also walked around the Tibetan Quarters but there wasn’t too much there to do or see, so we headed back to our hostel. We had a really good night out that evening at a strip of bars (The Riverside) around 15 mins away from where we were staying. We particularly liked ‘The Watermelon Bar’ which provided complimentary watermelon with your cocktails all night! WIN.

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