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Review of Stein’s Bavarian Restaurant Richmond

Review of Stein’s Bavarian Restaurant | Richmond

Back in July, I went to my first blogging event – a Travel Massive meetup in London. As the event was on a Thursday, I decided to make it a long weekend so I could see my friend in Richmond. As it was such a lovely weekend, we decided to walk along the river to grab some lunch in one of her favourite places – Stein’s.

Review of Stein's Bavarian Restaurant Richmond

Walking to Stein’s

Situated right on the river, a short walk away from Richmond towards Kingston, Stein’s is a Bavarian restaurant which has been up and running since 2004. With its sleek wooden exterior, coordinating benches and contemporary feel, it’s hard to imagine it used to be an old, vandalised ice cream hut! Just metres away from Richmond Bridge, you are provided with fabulous views across the river towards Richmond Hill.

Review of Stein's Bavarian Restaurant Richmond

Pic from

Review of Stein's Bavarian Restaurant Richmond

Specialising in traditional German sausages, authentic beer from Munich and other Bavarian favourites, you can opt to enjoy lunch or dinner along the river. Being famed for it’s meaty classics, the menu didn’t provide much inspiration for vegetarians like myself. The only veggie option within the ‘mains’ was a lentil soup – which wasn’t what I fancied on such a hot day! There are a few more veggie options within the ‘light bites’ menu, but still nothing to shout about; potato salad, cheese spread on pretzel, mixed radishes on bread and a salad. I opted for the salad (Große Stein’s Salatschüssel) which came with mixed leaves, watercress, peppers, brie, seeds, apple and pear with a homemade dressing and a bread roll.

The others opted for Currywurst mit Bratkartoffeln (a large smoked spicy pork sausage, served with homemade curry sauce and pan-fried potatoes) and Münchner Bratwurst mit Bratkartoffeln und Salatgarnitur (Mild Munich-style sausage filled with herbs and spices) also served with fried potatoes.

Review of Stein's Bavarian Restaurant Richmond

Curry Wurst in the background, child’s portion on the left and a half eaten Münchner Bratwurst on the right!

Review of Stein's Bavarian Restaurant Richmond

My salad

My salad was picture-perfect and presented in a cute wooden bowl. The homemade dressing was lovely and the seeds, apple and pear on top really added an extra something to what could have been a potentially boring meal! It was exactly what I needed on that sunny day and hit the spot perfectly. The others raved about their sausages (again!) and 4 year old Sofia scoffed down her kids portion with impressive speed. There is a small children’s play park at the rear of the restaurant, so she was soon off making the most of the slide!

I tried the curry sauce which accompanied the currywurst and it was pretty good! Great for dipping your bread roll into. One thing that was INCREDIBLE is the Bavarian sweet mustard (Süßer Senf) that they have in the condiments section. There’s a little station next to the hut where you can grab some american style mustard, sweet mustard or ketchup for your meal. I’d never heard of or tried sweet mustard, so was intrigued when my friend pushed some towards me, insisting that it was the best thing about the place! Hands down the best condiment I’ve ever tried.. and I’m a massive sauce lover so that’s saying something. I loved it so much, once I had run out of bread I ended up dipping my salad leaves into it.. Don’t judge me! 😛

Overall, the sausages and sides come highly rated, however it’s not particularly veggie friendly. It’s definitely not vegan friendly as the only meat free main (and the majority of the meat free sides) contained cheese. But, it’s a great spot for enjoying a beer whilst overlooking the river and I’m told it’s a fab place to come during late autumnal nights. They have outdoor heaters and I can just imagine sitting underneath them, clutching a steaming bowl of Bavarian lentil soup – lovely!

Have you been to Stein’s before? What was your experience like?Alys 3

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