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SIGHTSEEING IN ST PETERSBURG // DAY TWO: Cathedrals, Palace Square, Parks and Rabbit Island


Day two was equally as grey as day one, but thankfully without rain. We used our second day for sightseeing in St Petersburg, with a plan to hit as many of the major tourist attractions as possible. Taking the advice of our hosts, we had planned to catch a bus to St Isaac’s Cathedral and loop our way around to the centre – as the nearest Metro station would mean walking back on ourselves. Unfortunately, although we knew which number bus we wanted, we couldn’t work out which side of the road we needed to be on! We tried asking some of the drivers, but no one understood what we were asking. A lady came over to help who spoke a little English but her advice was not to bother with the bus and just stick with the easier option of the Metro. So we reluctantly sloped back to the Metro instead!

Our tour of St Petersburg took us to the Kazanskiy Cathedral, the Church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood, Palace Square, past (although not in) the Hermitage museum, Peter and Paul Cathedral, St Isaac’s Cathedral,, through Mikhailovsky Park and to Zayachy Island (otherwise known as ‘Rabbit Island’).

sightseeing in st petersburg

Kazanskiy Cathedral

sightseeing in st petersburg

sightseeing in st petersburg

Outside and inside the Church of our Saviour on Spilled Blood/ Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

sightseeing in st petersburg

The General Staff Building in Palace Square

sightseeing in st petersburg

Winter Palace

sightseeing in st petersburg

Senate Square and the Bronze Horseman statue

sightseeing in st petersburg

Sadly we completely underestimated the walk to Rabbit Island, and as a result had just ten minutes there before we had to leave to get our visa registration from back in the centre. We also had to be back in time for 7pm as our hosts were cooking us a traditional Russian dinner! Katerina had no idea what to prepare for me, so I assured her I would pick something up on the way that could be microwaved so she wouldn’t have to worry about me. I opted for the noodles and veg from Market Place again as it was so good the day before!

sightseeing in st petersburg

With one of the many rabbits on Rabbit Island!

It ended up being a mad rush to get back to the apartment on time, but we made it – just! Katerina and Andrey prepared a lovely dinner for us; Gary had a meat and potato layered bake and they made a big salad for everyone, including a separate cheese-free portion for me. There was also a tasty vegetable spread (kind of like a thick pasta sauce) which I’m told is very popular in Russia, which we had with bread. We washed our dinner down with three bottles of wine – apparently a Couchsurfing record for Katerina and Andrey!! This led to a hilarious dinner, which amongst other things, involved Gary and I being taught and then videoed singing the words to a song from a famous scene in a popular Russian film… 

That video exists online, but I’m not going to be sharing my terrible Russian singing any time soon!


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    November 3, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    I just recently had been to Russia, st petersburg, it was amazing. i hope you enjoyed it as much as i.
    love your blog
    i have a linked to my youtube channel where I filmed my experience there

    • Reply
      November 5, 2016 at 5:17 am

      Yes, we loved St Petersburg! We wished we had more time there 🙂

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