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This website¬†is a collection of my travel stories, destination guides, travel budgets, useful travel tips and¬†reviews. You’ll find information on a number of destinations, with MANY¬†more to be added! In August 2016, I quit my job, packed up my things and left¬†the UK for an infinite adventure. My¬†trip included discovering¬†Europe, taking the Trans-Siberian train through Russia, heading into the Mongolian wilderness, revisiting my favourite country China and exploring South East Asia. All before travelling and working in New Zealand. After that, it’s Australia, South America, Canada….. and everywhere else!

In January ’16, I¬†transitioned¬†from veggie to¬†vegan too, so I’ll also be keeping you updated with food diaries from the road. Plus,¬†vegan restaurant reviews and¬†tips on how to find vegan and veggie food wherever you are in the world!

Travel style

I travel on a pretty tight budget, seeing as much as possible and stretching my money as far as it will go. I’ll often scrimp on transport and accommodation (yay, hostels) to fund weird and wonderful activities or splash out on a fancy dinner.¬†I¬†love a bargain but definitely appreciate the occasional luxury!

the wild life

Hopefully the information below will help you find what you are looking for:

the wild life

Scroll over¬†the ‘Destinations‘ tab at the top of the page and select a¬†continent from the drop-down list. You can then click on specific countries to read all posts related to that place!

the wild life

Head to¬†the ‘Food‘ tab and¬†you’ll find reviews of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and information on the best places to find vegan food in specific countries. There’s also a link to a post I wrote containing¬†loads of information about veganism¬†(Why Vegan?) as this was¬†requested by a few people! You can also read my vegan story which explains why I chose this lifestyle ūüôā