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A Few Hours In Savannah, Georgia

First of all, apologies for the fact this page is purely a collection of photos! We weren’t in Georgia very long, and we didn’t do much whilst there, but I still wanted to document it as part of my…


48 Hours in New York City

New York | The Big Apple New York is a city girl’s dream; I however, am no city girl! I can’t stand big cities and the accompanying noise, traffic and swarms of people suffocating the streets and bashing you with their…


Three Days in Boston, USA

I visited Boston on a family trip that took us briefly to New York and Boston on the way to our final destination; Cape Cod. I was slightly dubious about visiting Boston as for some reason, I had it in my head…


A Family Holiday In Arizona

I haven’t spent much time in Arizona, only having visited as a family holiday a few years ago. We flew in to Florida for a quick pit-stop at Disney and the opportunity to swim with dolphins in Miami, before…