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We decided to head to a park outside of the city on our third and final day in St Petersburg to see something a bit different and to make the most of the sunny weather. After ummm-ing and ahhh-ing between a couple of palatial parks, we took Katerina and Andrey’s advice and headed to Peterhof Palace and gardens. This involved getting a bus, so we weren’t entirely convinced we’d even be able to get there judging on our previous lack of success! Luckily, our experience with this bus was worlds away from our first attempt and we boarded the right bus first time, with no problems. It was about an hour’s drive from St Petersburg to reach the park. There are a few gardens as you walk in, but you have to pay to go through to the much larger southern gardens and inside the palace. It was lunch time by the time we got there, so we stopped off before entering the park in a restaurant recommended by Katerina for doing the best Chiburekkis – a kind of Russian turnover filled with meat and vegetables. The next few hours were then spent wondering through the park’s winding pathways, past the many fountains and at the very edges, even to the beach!


St petersburg in the distance!

peterhof peterhof peterhof peterhof

We caught the bus back just as easily and decided to spend the afternoon revisiting a few of the sights we’d seen previously so that we could get some better photos now the weather had improved. Katerina also messaged us the coordinates to a variety of different spots in St Petersburg that are a little more off the tourist trail. We decided to hit as many as we could, which included an Italian yard, a secret bird statue, a hidden garden, Clodt’s horse (‘the 14 balls!’), Kupretz Eliseevs (a famous shop with traditional delicacies) and a mosaic yard. We finished our day with a couple of warming veggie curries in Botanika.


Back to the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood for a better photo in the sunshine!


Mosaic Yard


Italian Yard

img_3721 img_3752

It was great to see some other sights that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise! We picked up a couple of posh cakes from Kupretz Eliseevs as a thank-you for our hosts and took the Metro back to pack up our things and get ready for our next stop… MOSCOW!

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